Filmmaking is one of our most popular program offerings. Participating schools can launch our filmmaking intensives with a trimester-long in-school or after-school program for select students. Our filmmaking students enjoy regular classes under the tutelage of master teaching artists, with years of experience in both the NYC film industry and classrooms throughout the city. Throughout the program, students creatively re-engage with their studies while improving their written and verbal communication while gaining invaluable media literacy, research, and collaboration skills.

Filmmaking with Hook Arts Media

We are proud to offer unique filmmaking intensives that nurture young people’s civic engagement, research, collaboration, and filmmaking skills. Students learn the film production process while they collaborate with their peers to create short films and documentaries about the topics, figures, and concepts that most interest and engage them. Our programming prepares young people to further their studies in college or take their film production skills to professional film sets around the city, as many of our alumni have done over the years.

Students learn a variety of skills, including:

  • DSLR camera operation
  • Sound and light operation for film
  • Adobe Premiere and Final Cut
  • Research and interview techniques

Who We Are

Hook Arts Media is a community organization based in Red Hook, Brooklyn. We use arts and media education as a vehicle to nurture young people’s development so that they can change their lives, their communities, and the world at large. To that end, we:

  • Develop innovative arts and media education programs
  • Support emerging performing and media artists of color
  • Create pipelines to post-secondary education and employment through the arts
  • Promote collaborations between professional artists, educators, and communities




Principal / East Brooklyn Community High School

Hook Arts Media has been really integral to helping us build a positive school culture. The programs give young people a venue to tap into their own talents and feel more confident about themselves and their voice, and they share that voice with others in the school community and start to see school as a place where they can share their own talent and understand their talents, which becomes really important to young people feeling engaged in school.



Internship Coordinator / South Brooklyn Community High School

Even though the drop-out rate has lessened, the access to real economic mobility and upward mobility has not increased. The need for organizations like Hook Arts Media to partner with schools like SBCHS to offer career pathways to young people is critical to giving students a sense of future and real choice around where they want to go in their lives.



Teacher / South Brooklyn Community High School

What holds kids back from achievement is their psychology. They believe what society has told them. My [students] grew up believing that they are bad and not worthy, so that's what they have to get over. And to be able to express those feelings, there's no place else to do that except for Hook Arts Media arts classes."

Jive Poetic

Jive Poetic

Teaching Artist / East Brooklyn Community High School

Incorporating the arts into scholastic programming helps reestablish positive relationships between students and educators in an often stressful academic environment. Using the arts as a vehicle for expression helps students alleviate some of the pressures associated with being honest and open in what could be high-risk scenarios.


Poetry Week is a fantastic introduction to trimester and semester-long programming with Hook Arts Media. Our poetry programming reaches students and helps re-engage them in their studies while providing a creative method to articulate their experiences and perspectives.

We provide performing and media arts education programs to schools throughout the 5 boroughs and customize each program to meet the school’s specific needs as well as those of our students. With a unique, student-centered approach to education, our master teaching artists build on students’ strengths while honoring their experiences and diverse points of view. All of our programs are based on the Common Core curricula standards and aligned with the New York State Learning Standards and the New York City Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in the Arts.

Truancy Reduction

Truancy Reduction

Over 80% of Hook Arts Media students report that Hook Arts Media classes increase their commitment to timely attendance.

Career & College Development

Career & College Development

Over 60% of Hook Arts Media students learn skills they plan to use to gain entry into their industry of interest.

Over 60% of Hook Arts Media students improve their time management- including class attendance and assignment completion.

Flexible Programming

Hook Arts Media offers in-school and after-school arts programs that can vary in length. In addition to trimester and semester-long programming, we also offer “pilot sessions” from 3-7 days. Fill out the form below to request a free consultation.

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