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Hook Arts Media’s filmmaking programs are dynamic job training opportunities that give many of NYC’s most vulnerable young people an hourly wage while they develop their skills and find sustainable career and educational opportunities. Hook Arts Media’s programs take a unique approach to filmmaking, as they use filmmaking as a tool for civic engagement to help our students identify and advocate for their passions. Through our programs, students have explored the issues, like:

  • Street Harassment
  • Gun Violence
  • Reproductive Justice
  • Immigration

Our students’ filmmaking has earned college scholarships, grants, and other awards for program participants.

Hook Arts Media is proud to have established a pipeline to support young people to develop their filmmaking skills, cultivate soft skills for professional work environments, and find paying jobs in the film industry.

  • Summer Digital Boot Camp is a 4-week, 80-hour filmmaking intensive that introduces students to filmmaking and pairs them with a local mission-driven organization to create promotional mini-documentaries about those organizations and their missions.
  • Fall In Transition: Media is a 7-week documentary filmmaking course culminating in a series of mini-documentaries fully produced by the Spring cohort
  • There’s another In Transition: Media session in the spring.
  • Digital Connections is a pre-professional job training program that connects pre-professionals to the skills, opportunities, and work experience necessary to finally place them in paying positions within the city’s film industry.

But the average cost per student is nearly $30,000, which limits our ability to serve more of the city’s most vulnerable-and deserving- young people. The rising costs of space, security, programs, and equipment threaten to edge out the already limited number of seats available for this vital program.

We’re hosting a fundraiser in hopes of expanding our capacity to serve as many young people as possible. If you can support our students with a donation of any amount, we would be very grateful.

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Film Programs at Hook Arts Media

Hook Arts Media® offers paid Fall, Spring, and Summer film programs in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Students learn to use professional film equipment, editing programs, and various production and interview techniques to complete their own mini-documentaries on the subjects of their choosing. The fall and spring film programs consist of 7-week after-school classes on Tuesdays and Saturdays. The summer program is a 4-week intensive that includes field trips, special guests, and 4 days per week of immersive filmmaking. Both programs culminate in a public screening, where students can share their films with their friends and family. Throughout the program, students earn a wage as they gain pre-professional filmmaking skills to prepare them for college and career.

Hook Arts Media filmmaking students and alumni have gone on to study filmmaking in college, work on production teams right here in NYC, and produce their own short films and videos.

Students can learn more and apply to the fall and spring program here. Learn more and apply to the summer program here.

Film Programs In Schools

Teachers and school administrators can bring Hook Arts Media’s film programs to their schools. Our master teaching artists will guide your students through filmmaking equipment and techniques designed to prepare them for college and career.

Bring Filmmaking to your School Today!

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Every year, dozens of young people apply to our after-school and summer film programs. Unfortunately, we always have to turn away talented young people, due to limited resources. Sponsor a student today so that we can accept another future filmmaker to our programs. Every young person deserves to tell their story.

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