Hook Arts Media's new filmmaking program, digital connections, open for applications

Hook Arts Media is happy to announce the new Digital Connections program, which will launch in June 2019. Digital Connections is the result of Hook Arts Media’s growing filmmaking programs to create a unique opportunity to nurture emerging filmmakers, expand their skills and network, and eventually help them find employment in NYC’s growing film industry.

Digital Connections 2019-2020 is open for applications.


From summer 2019 through Spring 2020, 4 students will improve their digital filmmaking skills while building their portfolios, receiving teaching artist training, and growing their professional networks toward the goal of employment in NYC’s growing film industry. With regular meetings in Red Hook, digital media teaching artist placements throughout Brooklyn, and site visits throughout the city, Hook Arts Media’s Digital Connections students will get an expansive introduction to the city’s filmmaking opportunities.
All Digital Connections students will be paid an hourly minimum wage while participating in the program.


  • Applicants must be between 18-26 years of age when they apply.
  • Applicants must have some digital filmmaking experience.
  • Applicants must be willing to commit to the program from June 17, 2019 to Spring of 2020.

How to Apply

  • Create a short video cover letter. Be sure to address the following:
    • Why do you want to participate?
    • Why would you be a good candidate in this program?
    • What is your filmmaking experience?
    • How do you approach filmmaking?
      • Storytelling
      • Aesthetics
    • What aspect/s of filmmaking are you most interested in exploring?
  • Click the button below, and fill out the form.

After School Filmmaking at Hook Arts Media

Apply Today

Apply Today

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