Opportunities at Hook Arts Media

Teaching Artists

opportunities at Hook arts media for filmmakers and teaching artists

We’re always happy to consider experienced teaching artists.

Event Crew & Volunteers

opportunities at hook arts media for volunteers

Thank you for your interest in Red Hook Fest. The 2019 festival was May 31-June 1, and we are not yet seeking staff for the 2020 festival.


opportunities at hook arts media for professionals, interns, and contractors
We offer internships throughout the year in a few different areas.

Join Our Board of Directors!

Hook Arts Media is currently looking for new board members with the following expertise/connections/experience:

Marketing/Advertising: Someone with experience in a variety of marketing platforms who can work with DTE staff to refine key messaging and branding strategies to increase the organization’s public profile

Media: Someone with strong connections in the film/media/entertainment industry. DTE has a growing digital media program and would benefit from the expertise of someone in this sector

Real Estate: Someone with a broad network of contacts within the real estate industry who can help DTE expand its visibility within this sector

Finance: Someone with contacts within the financial sector. Useful if their business background includes some knowledge of non-profit business structures, but largely useful to expand the board’s corporate and financial expertise

Legal: Looking for lawyer/s to expand board’s legal expertise with a strong network within NYC corporate or public interest legal sector

Brooklyn-based corporations: Someone with strong connections within the corporate network of companies based in or deeply tied to Brooklyn

Educational Policy Makers/High-Level Staff at Political Agencies: Looking for high-level staff either from institutions of higher education and/or political or civic agencies


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