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Hook Arts Media is currently looking for new board members with the following expertise/connections/experience:

Marketing/Advertising: Someone with experience in a variety of marketing platforms who can work with Hook Arts Media staff to refine key messaging and branding strategies to increase the organization’s public profile

Media: Someone with strong connections in the film/media/entertainment industry. Hook Arts Media has a growing digital media program and would benefit from the expertise of someone in this sector

Real Estate: Someone with a broad network of contacts within the real estate industry who can help Hook Arts Media expand its visibility within this sector

Finance: Someone with contacts within the financial sector. Useful if their business background includes some knowledge of non-profit business structures, but largely useful to expand the board’s corporate and financial expertise

Legal: Looking for a lawyer to expand the board’s legal expertise with a strong network within NYC corporate or public interest legal sector

Brooklyn-based corporations: Someone with strong connections within the corporate network of companies based in or deeply tied to Brooklyn

Educational Policy Makers/High-Level Staff at Political Agencies: Looking for high-level staff either from institutions of higher education and/or political or civic agencies

We are strongly interested in boosting the board’s Black/Latino composition, as well as representation among people ages 20-40.

In addition, there are certain criteria that we expect all board prospects to fulfill:

  • All board prospects must be willing to actively introduce their networks to Dance Theatre Etcetera and participate in solicitation, as appropriate, on the Hook Arts Media’s behalf
  • We expect all board members to support Hook Arts Media by making an annual “give or get” sum of $2000
  • We are looking for board prospects who have leadership potential (are willing to chair committees and eventually take on positions of board leadership); as well as people who can put in time (“doers”); and event planners who can actively participate in planning and implementing Hook Arts Media fundraising events.

About Hook Arts Media

Originally known as Dance Theatre Etcetera, Hook Arts Media is a community-based cultural organization located on the Red Hook, Brooklyn waterfront. For over 20 years, Hook Arts Media has made the arts a vital component of community change in Red Hook and has replicated its programming throughout low-income communities in New York City. Through vibrant in-school, after-school and community-based arts education programs, Hook Arts Media offers robust, arts-centered programming that helps low-income youth become the next generation of artists, educators, and leaders so needed in our world today.

Over the past five years, Dance Theatre Etcetera’s programs and community impact have grown significantly. In-school and out-of-school arts education programs are building a generation of motivated and engaged young people, with clear visions for their futures and the capacity to realize those visions. Hook Arts Media’s longstanding Red Hook Fest has become one of the most vital and rooted community performance festivals in the city. Following Superstorm Sandy’s devastating impact on Red Hook in October 2012, Hook Arts Media took on a leadership role in the community’s rebuilding as a member of the Red Hook Coalition which produced Red Hook’s first Community Disaster Plan. As Hook Arts Media has grown, the organization has been challenged to diversify its funding and build a board of directors that is appropriate to a larger and more complex organization.

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Interested parties should contact Hook Arts Media Executive Director, Martha Bowers, by email or phone.

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