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Whether you’ve come here to support Hook Arts Media’s free public events like Red Hook Fest and Red Hook Move It, our afterschool filmmaking programs, or our in-school media and arts education programs, your donation today will help us serve NYC’s young people, community members, and educators.

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Close the Gap

Hook Arts Media®’s school programs primarily serve transfer schools. These are schools designed to help over-aged and under-credited (OAUC) young people graduate. Our performing and media arts classes help students stay in school, improve their time management, find new ways to engage with their studies, and explore new opportunities after they graduate. OAUC students are more than 90% more likely to drop out of school than their peers, but these students are not a lost cause. With more 1-on-1 attention and culturally relevant class work, students on track to drop out can graduate and achieve as much success as their peers.

Hook Arts Media’s filmmaking programs teach young people how to create original films. Now with YouTube, Instagram, and other platforms for young content creators, young people understand that their stories are valuable and interesting. But filmmaking can be cost-prohibitive, and the learning curve can be very high. In Hook Arts Media’s film programs, students learn every aspect of film producing and earn minimum wage. 

We know that young people are abandoned in the achievement gap all too often. Our staff, artists, and educators work every day to bring vital resources to young people to bridge that gap. Help us Close the Gap.

With your support, Hook Arts Media can expand its vital programming to more schools. We could open our filmmaking programs to more students, instead of turning many of them away from our ever-growing waitlist.

Close the Gap with Hook Arts Media

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