Storytelling that Changes Lives

One week to go till the final screening of our Film Fellows and Digital Boot Camp students’ films. 30 teens and young adults have been spending a hot July in Red Hook learning film production skills. But that’s not all they are learning. They have been discussing and researching issues that impact their lives. They are discovering that filmmaking gives them a platform to speak out on those issues. And they are learning about the individuals, organizations, and politicians that are fighting for racial and economic justice.

They have picked big topics for their final films: LGBTQ rights, Black Lives Matter, marijuana legalization, immigration, and reproductive rights.  Last week, one of our students came upon an immigrant rights rally and joined in. It was his first political rally! He whipped out his phone and began recording B roll and interviews for his film. One team met over the weekend to gather interviews at the direct action group, Rise and Resist’s picnic. Today they are off to the Stonewall Inn to conduct interviews.

When I visited the program during its first week, I found a roomful of somewhat sleepy teens, reluctantly pocketing their phones, and joining in a lesson on camera operation. They are on fire now! Having settled on their topics and formed production teams, they are racing to grab their final footage and edit their mini-documentaries. I can’t wait to see them! I hope you will join me.

Martha Bowers, Hook Arts Media Founder & Executive Director

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Monday, August 5 at 11 am at RE:GEN:CY at 22 Commerce St. Red Hook, Brooklyn, NYC 11231