Emma interned at Hook Arts Media during the summer of 2018. Read about her experience below.

A Summer in Red Hook

After asking Martha Bowers, Executive Director of Hook Arts Media (The Hook) and my community-based theater professor at New York University, for an internship at The Hook, all I knew was that I would be helping out with the annual Red Hook Fest and whatever else was needed. I wasn’t sure what I would be doing the first time I ventured to Red Hook, Brooklyn, but I had high hopes for a great summer. I was not disappointed.

Martha mentioned the annual Red Hook Fest every once in a while in class. She always mentioned the great sense of community in Red Hook and the celebration of culture and art. But no words could really describe what it felt like to be there among people of all ages, singing, dancing, eating, laughing, and having a great time. I’d never been part of such a big community event. But I finally understood what Martha had been talking about in class – not to mention the incredible talent of both the young and the professional performers.

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After being a part of Red Hook Fest, I wanted more. I was lucky enough to meet some of the students that The Hook works within their in-school and summer programs. I’m so grateful to have had experiences with arts organizations to provide me with what I needed to pursue a career in the arts after high school, and I was grateful to be a part of one that provided that for other students now. I was so happy to see that these students were getting the chance to not only to experience art but also to create it themselves.

These students’ dedication to their projects impressed me so much! It reminded me to never underestimate someone based on their youth. This experience has fueled my love for arts education and my desire to pursue it in the future, both locally and across the country.

After a few short months at Hook Arts Media, I  found a new community to be a part of and return to. I recommend that anyone who wants more arts in their lives to become a part of it.

By Emma Mueller